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Événement :Séminaire du LRTS - A2011 - 02 - M. Mohamed Haj Taieb
Description :Progressive Distributed Video Coding with Multiple Passes for Side Information Update

Distributed video coding is a new video paradigm that transfers the computational bulk from video encoders to decoders. Thus, the scenario of video transmission involving inexpensive encoders and a powerful central decoder would be possible. In a previous work, the authors have proposed a novel distributed video coding scheme with progressive decoding. The proposed architecture considers a chessboard structure for block grouping. A subset of blocks are first sent, decoded and then used to update the side information. Then, the remaining blocks are sent and decoded using the updated and more accurate side information. This progressive technique with two groups of blocks shows an improvement up to 1.7 dB over the conventional DVC architecture. In this paper, we extend the progressive architecture by splitting the frame into three and four groups of blocks rather than only two groups. Further improvement up to 0.4 dB over the progressive architecture with only two groups is obtained.

Date :jeudi 29 septembre 2011 à 12h00 au jeudi 29 septembre 2011 à 13h15
Lieu :PLT2105
Événement inscrit par :Pascal Djiknavorian