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The computing equipment of the laboratory is composed of about twenty PC-Windows computers, of which 10 are dedicated to hardware development, of a few MAC computers and of about a half dozen SUN-Workstation.

The laboratory posesses also numerous specialized equipment. First, the LRTS has an anechoidal chamber of 3.5m X 3.5m X 6m used to caracterize antennas or radar effective surfaces, as well as a Faraday cage. The LRTS also has a test-bed for MIMO systems composed of four quad dual band RF transceivers and three SignalMaster Quad/VHS-ADC/DAC prototyping stations by Lyrtech. There is also three microwave network analysers (35 MHz-26 GHz, 20 MHz-40 GHz and 300 kHz-1.3 GHz), three synthesized sources (2 GHz-40 GHz, 50 MHz-18.6 GHz and 100 kHz-2.1 GHz), two spectral analysers (9 kHz-1.2 GHz and 9 kHz-26.5 GHz), one digital oscilloscope going up to 6 GHz, one RF source (magnetron) 150 W at 10 GHz, one Signal Master by Lyrtech, one microwave amplifier in the 100 MHz-26 GHz band, one multi-antenna composed of 8 elements with a 100 MHz bandwith and an acquisition systeme (16 ADCs at 200 Mb/s) and a 8m range 10 GHz table radar by Lab-volt with analog and digital receivers. Finally the lab has many analog and digital oscilloscopes going up to 100 MHz, power sources, multimeters and other basic equipments.
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